martes, 5 de marzo de 2013

jueves, 28 de febrero de 2013

The endless imagination in a Dream

Beauty is more than appearance
Beauty is love
The graceful wings of a dove
The endless imagination in a dream

First of all, I tried so hard last night to dream in black and white; conclusion: I failed. Impossible attempt this time.
But of course, my subconscious was working and I was able to see lots of faces, of people I know mostly. I was standing there, actually in the middle of nowhere, faces were kind, with big eyes and small mouths. When I got up I started looking for something similar in the net, and I found this:

Surrealistic portraits by artist Mandy Tsung. Incarnate the vulnerability and sexuality of a face. She works trying to capture the emotions that faces can transmit. It's very curious because she is inspired by the magazine faces ( as well as nature) but she deforms the reality, and turn a face to a even more beautiful one.

I could not decide only for one picture, but this one was incredible in my opinion, look at the great utilization of the colours and the magnificent stroke that she uses.

Please take a look to her website:, incredible work!!!

miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013

Black and White Dreams

I've recently read one study made by the magazine American Psychological Association, which exposes that before the invention of television in 1915, people used to dream in colour, but when they started to had in their houses the opportunity to see images in their televisions the dreams started to appear in black and white. 
Some people say that the painters who use only black and white colours are the realistic ones, for example  Redon, he used to paint only with this colours and it was not because he had a television, it was just for his conception of the world that he was painting. 
I'll try tonight to dream only in black and white, I'll tell you tomorrow the results. 

For the time being I need to show you this work of art, believe me, it has been very difficult to know the  name of the artist, I know that it's important to know that, but in this case I will give you just the web where I had found it. 

Do you fear the snake or the snake fears you?

Do you bite the snake or the snake bites you? 

Flower garden or kingdom of snake what do you want? 
Close your eyes- thousand snakes are waiting for you

Only the fools talk with snake
The snake bites you for self- defense

The snake is deaf but you hear! 

Today is all about snakes, I don't know why it was the main theme in my dreams, SNAKES everywhere.  Why? It doesn't matter to me, maybe my  subconscious needs to express the anxiety with this art expression.

Searching the net I found a magnificent artist call Mihai Cristie, from Romania too. It seems that the new surrealism art it's kind of present in this country.
The paintings reminds me the old paintings of Dalí, not just for the images, technique  is similar too.

Enjoy the paintings please, really good job!

martes, 26 de febrero de 2013

Stargazing Dreams

Let's try it! I thought about it two hours ago, it's time to show people how you see the world, and if they don't like it, you can say that at least you tried.

Sorry for this sentence full of topics, but what I'm trying to describe is full of topics too, ART. And is not only art, I think that is ART (with capitals letters) what I'm searching for.

I have always admired surrealism, and nowadays it is to easy to found it in the street with graffitis everywhere, you can allow your imagination to found  whatever you want in images. Maybe is time to show this ART and try to put it in the galleries and museums.

I HAD A DREAM, is what I say every morning to my self, normally very intense ones, and sometimes I can keep dreaming and turn my dreams in my own personally desires. That's the purpose of this blog ,try to find art that it's first of all GOOD ART, and second REPRESENTATIVE in my own personal taste.

I would like to start with an image that represents all this.

Art painting, by Adrian Borda. Romania.
I add you the website of this fantastic artist, check it, I've the sensation that his originality will make you feel strange at the time you are seeing them.